Husetlab is a company that adheres to the concepts of sustainable development and harmonious coexistence with nature, where the house is not a regulated number of square meters, but a deep philosophy of comfortable life.

For us, housing is not just square meters in which a person lives: it is a space that inspires, gives strength to one's own accomplishments, promotes emotional and physical recreation, and gives the feeling of comfort and happy peace that the Scandinavians call "Hygge".

HUSETLAB already meets the eight Sustainable Development Goals and does not plan to stop there.


HUSETLAB is a family. We take care of the physical and mental health of everyone, creating comfortable working conditions for this, monitoring the emotional state during the day and conducting planned trainings and medical examinations to prevent various diseases. Everything depends on the state of the physical and emotional health of the company’s employees, so our primary responsibility is to make everyone feel better ..
Outdated chauvinistic formulas do not work in HUSETLAB. We do not share the team on a gender basis, granting rights and obligations only to men or only women. Today, half of our team is women, and all decisions and ideas are made in accordance with gender equality. If the competence, environmental awareness and willingness to work in accordance with our philosophy, we welcome him in our company, regardless of gender, age, etc.
Clean water is a basic human need, which should be freely available to all. There is enough fresh water on the planet, but due to poor infrastructure, investment and planning, millions of people – most of them children each year – die from diseases associated with inadequate water supply, sanitary conditions and hygiene. Sustainable water management, safe sanitation and access to potable water are essential to unlock economic growth and increase labor productivity and provide significant benefits for existing investments in health and education. Our company is responsible for the conservation of water resources, providing appropriate sanitary conditions for employees and protecting water ecosystems during construction, which can thus ensure water purification and water quality standards
Our company puts the environmental issue in the first place and is constantly exploring innovative solutions. Despite the fact that we do not produce alternative energy carriers, we are engaged in the construction of exclusively energy-efficient houses, which helps not only reduce the environmental impact, but also reduce the cost of construction and operation. Thanks to the use of a number of renewable energy sources in our projects, these buildings can be completely autonomous, and energy efficiency and the use of renewable sources help reduce climate change and reduce the risk of natural disasters.
The main resource of our company is people. We provide them with the opportunity to reveal their potential, to show their best skills and realize the most daring ideas, providing a decent salary (corresponding to the competence of each individual employee), comfortable working conditions, modern training courses and career opportunities. Thanks to the loyal attitude towards employees, our company is an example of stability and sustainable economic growth, which should become a positive force for the whole planet. That is why we must make sure that financial progress creates decent and quality jobs without harming the environment and, with the help of the protection of labor law, permanently stop modern slavery and child labor.
Rapid urbanization, a demographic crisis and increased poverty contribute to the massive relocation of rural people to cities in search of a better life, stable work and a large number of opportunities. This causes a series of irreversible events that critically affect the overall development of cities and ensure their economic and environmental development. Our company supports the initiative for the development of human settlements and our main goal is to provide safe, economically feasible and energy-efficient housing, with equal access to basic services, energy, and transport for everyone. In this way, we strive to overcome the challenges cities face in ways that allow them to continue to flourish and grow, while improving resource use and reducing pollution and poverty.
Responsible consumption and production – “Ensuring the transition to rational patterns of consumption and production”.
The fight against climate change is the main task of mankind for the next 11 years. To reduce the harmful emissions that cause the destruction of the ozone layer and increase the level of methane in the atmosphere, the majority of the world’s population should switch to renewable energy sources and take a number of other measures that will reduce the anthropogenic and anthropogenic impact on the thin protective layer of our planet and increase people’s adaptability to dangerous natural disasters. The Ecopan company, with which we cooperate on an ongoing basis, is ISO 9001 certified and is a non-waste production, does not emit harmful substances into the atmosphere. Thanks to this, our company helps to slow down the effects of the polluted environment of the planet, slow down inevitable climate changes and create adaptability to dangerous phenomena.
Forests cover 30 percent of the Earth’s surface. In addition to ensuring food security and shelter, they are a key factor in combating climate change and protecting biodiversity. Thirteen million hectares of forests are lost annually, while the persistent degradation of drylands has led to desertification of 3.6 billion hectares. HUSETLAB takes care of all ecosystems and during construction does not empty forests, does not cut down trees and does not violate the harmonious development of the region’s biodiversity. All our sites are selected taking into account the protection of the environment and biodiversity and are used rationally, creating an artificial ecosystem as part of the natural one.
A successful sustainable development program requires partnerships between governments, the private sector and civil society. These inclusive partnerships, built on the principles and values, common vision and goals that put people and the planet at the center, are needed at the global, regional, national and local levels. The HUSETLAB team collaborates with many companies, studios and societies to achieve the sustainable development of the planet. Partnerships develop the capabilities of the company, give new horizons for study and improve the final product, thanks to the always new vision, innovative solutions and ideas.


Olga Romanenko


In 2006, I graduated from Kiev University of Construction and Architecture and took part in the competition for scholarships for the Master's program at the Royal Technological University in Stockholm. I was lucky, I passed the contest.

Having lived in Sweden for a year and traveling around Scandinavia, I fell in love with their design for the rest of my life, the ability of Swedes, Danes and Norwegians to create maximum comfort in their homes using the minimum number of things.

Over the past 6 years of work in private housing construction, I have met many like-minded people, and with some of them we have created unique projects that intertwine the modern achievements of construction and engineering technologies, the refined taste and knowledge of the ergonomics of the life of modern people.

We have united in a team of all the designers, contractors, suppliers, proven over the years, to train the best project managers in order to create an absolutely unique product for any family that plans to acquire housing.

We design and build a house based on the nature of its future owners, apply modern technology and the latest design trends. We create the place where you want to rush every day after work and meetings, in which happiness and love multiply!

Meet HUSETLAB - Your unique home for 6 months, which appreciates the resources of the Earth, within your budget expectations. And no "unforeseen costs"!


  • A new name for modern and stylish life, based on 11 years of experience in the construction of energy-efficient houses.

  • This is a team of progressive and talented innovators in the field of ergonomics of private suburban life. Our team is not just engaged in the construction of houses, we are developing energy-efficient construction technology in conjunction with engineering and design filling of each zone of your house.

  • An engineering group that constantly studies and implements innovative technologies and materials, so we use the most modern and effective solutions to achieve the most balanced solutions in terms of functionality and budget for your home.

    The company builds exclusively energy-efficient houses, which means that you will live in harmony with nature, protecting the resources of our planet and increasing your prosperity, as the savings in creating a cozy climate in such houses reaches 7-8 times compared to traditional building technologies .

    Thanks to the ideas of modern architects, our knowledge, experience and stability, we created the Husetlab team to bring together like-minded professionals from the fields of architecture, construction, engineering, decoration and project management to implement projects of any complexity at a high level.

    We work with architectural studios and in collaboration with them we realize “turnkey” not just at home, but spaces of your individual lifestyle that fully reflect your preferences and ideas about comfort.

    We know everything about the necessary function of housing! Housing is not just a place for your family’s daily life; housing is a force for inspiration, recovery and happiness.


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